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Academic Appointments
University of Maryland, Assistant Professor
CEPR, Research Affiliate

Research Interests
Equilibrium Asset Pricing, Information Economics

Information Percolation, Momentum, and Reversal, Journal of Financial Economics, 2017
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(with Daniel Andrei) Word-of-mouth communication accelerates the information flow through prices and generates momentum in asset returns. Word-of-mouth communication can propagate a rumor, which generates price run-ups and reversals.

Why Does Return Predictability Concentrate in Bad Times?, Journal of Finance, 2017
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(with Michael Hasler) Countercyclical investors' disagreement causes stock return predictability to concentrate in bad times; a time-series momentum strategy crashes after sharp market rebounds.

Working Papers
Social Interactions and the Performance of Mutual Funds, November 2017
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Social interactions among fund managers cause the statistical significance of performance, the separation of skill from luck and performance persistence to concentrate in the worst-performing funds.

The Lost Capital Asset Pricing Model, October 2017
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(with Daniel Andrei and Mungo Wilson) A flat Securities Market Line is not evidence against the CAPM. In equilibrium, when a CAPM correctly prices all assets, the Roll (1977) critique ensures that an empiricist incorrectly rejects it.

Asymmetric Information and Inventory Concerns in Over-the-Counter Markets, December 2013
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(with Remy Praz) Transparency increases inventory costs and reduces the incentives to provide liquidity on an OTC market.

Global Public Signals, Heterogenous Beliefs and Stock Markets Co-movement, February 2010
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(with Daniel Andrei) A misinterpretation of a global public signal generates significant co-movement in stock returns in international stock markets.

Dumas & Maenhout (2003) Central-Planning Approach: A Comment, April 2008
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A note that I wrote on the Dumas & Maenhout (2003) Central Planning Approach in Incomplete Markets.

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